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Support Services

At Jaga-Me, we understand the unique challenges that come with caring for a loved one at home. We offer a range of specialised support services designed to enhance the quality of life, promote independence and ensure the well-being of our patients at home.

With our suite of support services including caregiver training and health screening, as well as medical assessments in order to access and government support where relevant, we hope to empower individuals and families to provide more holistic care for their loved ones at home.

Our Support Services for Home Care

Caregiver Training

Caregiver Training

Conducted by our nursing professionals, our caregiver training programs are meticulously designed and personalised to each patient, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to provide compassionate and effective care.

From practical caregiving techniques to emotional support strategies, we’re committed to enhancing the capabilities of caregivers, be it your family members or hired foreign domestic workers.

The home caregiver training course covers topics such as

Jaga-Me is an approved Caregiver Training provider by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) and this course is eligible for subsidies (subject to eligibility).

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Severe Disability Assessment

Persons with disabilities can apply for financial assistance if eligible to do so after undergoing a Severe Disability Assessment conducted by an AIC-approved disability assessor.

Jaga-Me can conduct the SDA at your home, saving you the trouble of making the journey to a clinic or hospital, especially for those with limited mobility.

We can also help to submit the assessment report and give advice regarding grant matters from AIC.

Jaga-Me Home Health Screening

Health Screening

In healthcare, prevention is key. Health screening detects potential conditions early and empowers patients to take charge of their own health, lowering the risk of serious complications. With Jaga-Me’s home health screening service, the screening can be done at your convenience in your home without having to travel to a clinic or medical centre.

Jaga-Me offers a range of comprehensive home health screening packages suitable for different age groups and conditions, including cancer marker tests and Vitamin D tests. Additional optional tests can also be added to your package as required.

Benefits of Support Services for Home Care

  • Tailored Support Plans

    Every individual is unique, and so are their needs. Our services are customised to provide targeted support based on individual requirements and preferences.

  • Professional Expertise

    Our team consists of skilled professionals, including certified doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality care and support.

  • Comprehensive Approach

    We believe in addressing the diverse needs of our clients comprehensively. Our integrated services cover a spectrum of support areas to ensure a holistic approach to home care.