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As a mobile healthcare provider, we believe that every home care journey should be personalised, safe and dignified.

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Our Story

In 2015, the idea for Jaga-Me was conceived with the goal of moving quality healthcare beyond hospital and clinics into the community. Many people prefer to be at home within familiar surroundings during the healing process. Our digital platform and specialised care management programs connect patients to an extensive ecosystem of skilled healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors and caregivers for quality, personalised care in the comfort of their home and corporate workplace.

Jaga-Me partners with providers and insurers in order to help high- cost and high-risk patients navigate the healthcare system. Our wide array of services help users and their families obtain the right care, in the right setting, at an affordable cost.

Since 2020, Jaga-Me has been a key partner to public healthcare institutions in their home care programmes, helping to administer cancer treatments and phlebotomy services to patients at home, as well as providing home health services under the Mobile Inpatient Care @ Home (MIC@Home) care model.

Jaga-Me is part of the Alliance Healthcare Group (AHG), an integrated healthcare service provider and partner delivering a connected ecosystem of care for the Singapore community.

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Alliance Healthcare Group Ltd is a future-oriented healthcare brand. Since our establishment in 1994, we have gone beyond the traditional healthcare model by harnessing technology to offer a comprehensive suite of services. Our belief is that everyone deserves a personalised, safe, and dignified health journey. As we understand the importance of transitioning care beyond hospitals to the community, our healthcare solutions prioritise accessibility, efficiency and personalisation.

Our suite of digital, mobile, and corporate health solutions offer flexibility and control to our patients, ensuring proper care is always available at their fingertips. Against the constantly changing healthcare landscape, we continue to innovate, raising the standards of personal and corporate healthcare to meet our patients’ care needs.

We believe every health journey should be personal, safe, and dignified