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Medical Escort

A Medical Escort provides support to individuals who require assistance while commuting to their medical appointments, ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the journey.

Types of Medical Escort Service provided by Jaga-Me:

Types of Medical Escort Service provided by Jaga-Me
  • With Transportation: Providing accompanied transportation to and fro medical appointments (vehicle transport charge not included).
  • With Ambulance Transportation: Coordinating medical escort services with ambulance transport for individuals requiring specialized medical care during transit.
  • Without Transportation: Providing escort services without transportation for individuals who can arrange their own transport.

What Can You Expect During the Service?

Medical Escort Car Assist

During a Medical Escort Service, you can expect:

  • Professional and compassionate support from trained Care Aides.
  • Assistance with mobility, communication with healthcare providers, and any necessary documentation.
  • Ensuring the client’s comfort, safety, and adherence to medical instructions throughout the journey.

Who Would Need a Medical Escort Service?

Jaga-Me Medical Escort and Home Care

Medical Escort Services are beneficial for individuals who:

  • Require assistance with transportation due to mobility limitations or medical conditions.
  • Need support navigating medical facilities and communicating with healthcare providers.
  • Seek reassurance and comfort during medical appointments or procedures.