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Hospital @ Home

Mobile Inpatient Care @ Home ("MIC")

Under the Hospital-At-Home (HAH) scheme, eligible patients may receive hospital-level care in their own home instead of in a hospital ward, letting them recuperate in a more familiar setting.

Patient's journey under MIC@Home scheme

Mobile Inpatient Care MIC At Home
Mobile Inpatient Care @ Home (MIC@Home)

Patients who are admitted into this scheme have 24/7 access to care delivered by a team of healthcare professionals via teleconsultations and home visits. After recovery, the patient will then be discharged from hospital fully.

As at end-2023, more than 2,000 patients have benefited from this service, resulting in an estimated saving of over 9,000 hospital bed days. In Mar 2024, MOH announced the expansion of the MIC@Home programme to be offered as part of public hospitals’ regular services to support the growing needs of our ageing population.

Jaga-Me Partnerships

Since 2023, Jaga-Me has successfully clinched a Mobile Inpatient Care contract with Sengkang General Hospital and renewed our partnership with National University Health System for MIC@Home, where eligible patients are able to recuperate and heal within the familiar surroundings of their own home.

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