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Severe Disability Assessment

Persons with disabilities have the opportunity to apply for financial assistance, after undergoing a Severe Disability Assessment (SDA) to determine if they are eligible to receive such grants.

Jaga-Me is an AIC-approved disability assessor who conducts SDAs at home.

By choosing to have an SDA at home, persons with disabilities are saved the trouble of travelling to and from a clinic. This journey not only takes time but it can also prove difficult for those with limited mobility.

Home Doctor Assessment

Home Disability Assessment

Applying for a care grant shouldn’t be inconvenient.

In order to apply for grants like CareShield Life, the person with a disability must be assessed by an AIC-approved disability assessor.

Jaga-Me is qualified to conduct the disability assessment* at home which saves you the time and hassle of travelling to a clinic for the assessment.

*This assessment does not include mental incapacity.

Home Disability Assessment

Which care grants require a disability assessment?

  • Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities (FDWLC(PWD))
  • Pioneer Generation Disability Scheme (PioneerDAS)
  • Home Caregiving Grant (HCG)
  • ElderShield
  • CareShield Life
  • MediSave Withdrawal for LTC
  • ElderFund
  • Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly (IDAPE)

How does it work?

Why have a disability assessment at home?

  • No travelling time and no queueing at a clinic

    We come to you, anywhere in Singapore

  • Comfort and Privacy

    We come to you, anywhere in Singapore

  • Reimbursable

    MOH waives the cost upon meeting the eligibility criteria

  • AIC-Approved

    Our assessors are approved by AIC