A Step-by-Step Guide on Applying for a Home-Based Severe Disability Assessment

What is a severe disability assessment?

Persons with disabilities have the opportunity to apply for various financial assistance schemes like CareShield Life so that they can receive the necessary care at an affordable rate.

However, the person with a disability must undergo a severe disability assessment to determine if they are eligible to receive such grants.

The severe disability assessment evaluates one’s capacity to perform 6 activities of daily living (ADLs) unassisted.

Only MOH-accredited disability assessors, which includes trained therapists and nurses, can conduct the severe disability assessment. Jaga-Me is an MOH-accredited disability assessor which conducts severe disability assessments at home.

By choosing to have a severe disability assessment at home, persons with disabilities are saved the trouble of travelling to and from a clinic. This journey not only takes time but it can also prove difficult for those with limited mobility.

How do I book a home disability assessment?

Step 1: Go to https://www.jaga-me.com/disability-assessment.

Step 2: Fill in the interest form with your name, contact number and email address. Do indicate if who you are seeking the assessment form as well!

Step 3: Our customer experience team will contact you to set up the appointment.

What can I expect during the disability assessment?

During the disability assessment, the assessor will first take a look at the medical history of the patient before carrying out the physical assessment.

If the patient is alert and communicative, the assessor will ask them to do a few tasks in order to evaluate their strength and ability for each activity of daily living.

If the patient has difficulty communicating, the assessor will have the primary caregiver assist with the physical assessment.

Can I use the disability assessment report to apply for other grants?

Beyond CareShield Life, which is reserved for individuals with severe disabilities, the severe disability assessment report can also be used to apply for care grants which are open to persons with disabilities ranging from mild to severe.

For more information about the various grants available and how they compare to each other, please click here.

Still have questions about the home-based severe disability assessment? Click here to contact us.

For a step-by-step guide on applying for CareShield Life, please click here.

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