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Demystifying Healthcare Professionals in Singapore

As you begin your caregiving journey or a journey towards your own recovery, you will be introduced to healthcare professionals at different stages of your care journey. Healthcare professionals maintain health in humans through the practice and application of the principles and procedures of certified evidence-based medicine and care. When you embark on your journey to recovery, we know there’s a lot of information to take in. New faces, names and medical jargon that you have to get used to. It can be overwhelming. We’ve put together a list of professions you’ll most likely meet in your or your loved one’s journey to recovery.


Doctors or Physicians are professionals who promote and restore health through the practice of medicine and procedures. Most Doctors specialise in one type of medicine. Some of the common specialisations you may come across are Colon & Rectal surgeons (Colon & Bowel experts), Cardiologists (Heart experts), Oncologists (Cancer experts) and Anaesthesiologists (Anaesthesia experts)


Orthodontists or more commonly known as Dentists are Doctors specialising in oral health. They prevent and diagnose oral diseases, creating oral treatment plans for their patients, monitor growth and development of teeth and jaws and performing surgical procedures in the oral cavity.


Pharmacists or Chemists are specialists in the field of preparing and dispensing prescription drugs to individuals. They also monitor the health and progress of their patients to ensure that they are using their medication safely and effectively. Pharmacists also advise other health practitioners on the attributes and side effects of medications.

Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals are experts distinct from medicine and nursing. They support the health care system by specialising in the prevention of disease transmission, diagnosis, treatment, therapy and rehabilitation of patients. They include occupational therapists, diagnostic medical personnel, imaging specialists (radiographers), nutritionists and dieticians, health educators, health counsellors and more.

Optometrists and Ophthalmologist

Optometrists are Doctors of Optometry (OD) specialising in eye and vision health. They diagnose and treat eye diseases. A patient may be referred to an Opthalmologists, a medical doctor (MD) who are experts in the anatomy of the eye and trained to perform surgery. Book an appointment with Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) here.

TCM practitioners

TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM Practitioners, both Acupuncturists and Physicians are professionals adept and certified in the use of herbal medicines and mind and body practices to treat and prevent health problems. It is considered a complementary health treatment. Ensure your TCM practitioner is registered in Singapore under the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (TCMPB). TCMBP accredits TCM institutions and organises courses that regulates professional ethics of practitioners and knowledge upgrading by accumulating at least 25 CPE points by attending approved conferences, workshops and training courses.


There is a saying. Your mind is your worse enemy. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who are trained to diagnose and treat people with mental illnesses. Some forms of mental illnesses are Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar and eating disorders. We recommend reading Surviving My Mental Health Crisis to know more about what it is like living with a mental health condition. Find out more about appointments & referrals to IMH here.


Nurses wear many hats in a hospital. Nurses are often the patient’s best chance of recovery by providing care round the clock by giving medication, dealing with family members and patients needs, administration and other personalised interventions. Nurses are indispensable in safeguarding public health.


jagapro nurses
JagaPros are well equipped to facilitate your recovery journey in the comfort of your home

Finally, we have JagaPros. JagaPros comprise nurses, doctors, and care aides. They are independent, skilled and qualified to meet your specialised medical needs in the comfort of your own home. JagaPros have a valid Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) and Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certification and are well equipped to facilitate your journey to recovery from hospital to home. 

There are many more Healthcare Professionals beyond those mentioned in this article but these are those you’ll most likely meet.

At Jaga-Me, we believe that healthcare should be a social good – it is a basic human need, and should be available to as many people as possible. We aim to deliver the highest quality care through innovation and a commitment to building meaningful relationships.

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Jaga-Me: Your Trusted Medical Home Care Professional

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