Guide to Transportation Options for People with Mobility Issues in Singapore

Are you caring for someone with limited mobility? Read on to find out more about transporting your loved ones with limited mobility. Many caregivers have issues with transporting their loved ones home from the hospital or vice versa. There are many things to consider when accompanying your loved ones with limited mobility to their medical appointments. We have compiled a guide to transportation options you can tap on while travelling with loved ones with mobility issues.

Types of transport services available

Bedbound Patients Wheelchair Patients
Private Ambulances

  • Lentor Ambulance: +65 6100 1777
  • Angel Ambulance: +65 8338 2526
Public Transport

  • User-Friendly MRT – ramps, lifts and wheelchair accessible toilets etc.
  • Wheelchair friendly buses – ramps
Medical Escorts

  • Trained nurses or care aides: Jaga-Me Services

Bed-Bound Patients

Private Ambulance Service

You would need to consider the type of transport your loved ones need. If he/she requires space, more help or medical equipment you would need to consider hiring a private ambulance service

Here are some contacts:

Lentor Ambulance: 6100 1777

Angel Ambulance: 8338 2526

Wheel-chair Users 

Wheel-Chair Accessible Taxi (WAT)

Travelling with a wheel-chair user is convenient with the availability of Wheel-Chair Accessible Taxis. Many transport companies have rolled out taxis that provide wheel-chair assistance.

Here are some options:

GrabAssist: Grab provides on-demand transport services. With their GrabAssist option, you can book a car that accommodates to foldable wheel-chairs, walking sticks and collapsible scooters. The Grab drivers are also trained to handle patients with limited mobility.

How to book: Download the Grab App. Input your pick up and drop off point. And simply, select the “GrabAssist” option

Maxi Cab: If you need a seating capacity of 7 people and 1 wheel-chair bound patient, you can book a Maxi Cab. There will be ample space in a Maxi cab to accommodate a wheel-chair bound patient.

How to book: Call (+65) 8333 6006

Public Transport

Our public transport in Singapore is becoming more accessible to users with mobility issues. The MRT is user-friendly to wheel-chair users – they have barrier-free routes and wheelchair accessible toilets. They have also installed ramps for wheel-chair bound users. More than half of the buses in Singapore are wheel-chair accessible with ramps installed and 95% of bus-stops are barrier-free.

Medical Escorts

Accompanying your loved ones for their medical appointments can be challenging if you’re working as you have to apply for time off work. In addition, you have to worry about arranging transportation. An alternative you can consider is engaging medical escort services. Medical escorts are trained professionals (often nurses or trained care aides) who will accompany your loved ones to their medical appointments and back safely home.

What to expect from Jaga-Me’s medical escorts?

  • Arrangement of Transportation

Our medical escorts will arrange for a Taxi /Grabcar for your loved ones. We will accompany your loved one to the medical appointment and back home safely.

  • Ensure safe transfers

Our trained medical escorts will ensure that they safely transfer your loved one from the vehicle to the wheelchair. Safety will be their top priority throughout the journey. 

  • Liaising with hospital

Our medical escorts will communicate with the doctors/nurses and take notes on the patient’s condition, doctor’s instructions and collection of medicine. They will then relay the information to the caregiver.

  • Companionship 

Our friendly medical escort can provide a listening ear and accompany your loved one throughout the trip.

Having access to transportation can be challenging for people with limited mobility. Caregivers may also find it difficult to accompany their loved ones to all their medical appointments, especially if they are working full time. As such, it is helpful to be aware of the resources available for people with limited mobility in Singapore. If you need a trained healthcare professional to accompany your loved one to and from his/her medical appointments, you may engage a medical escort from Jaga-Me.

Award winning Home Care trusted by health professionals – Jaga-Me

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