Healthcare Programs Which Are Often Overlooked in Singapore

Most of us don’t look forward to health screenings. Some may be afraid of drawing blood, or find that health screening packages are too costly. Or perhaps just the thought of uncovering a hidden illness is enough to make people shelve the idea. After all, nobody likes to hear bad things.


As the old adage goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” With the rising medical costs in Singapore, early detection can go a long way in reducing these treatment costs and with a better success rate. And if you or a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic condition, the idea of paying for a long time to cover the treatments can be rather overwhelming, too.


However, there are a few healthcare schemes in Singapore that allow you to pay lesser, or even nothing, for screenings and treatments. In this blog post, we discuss the various healthcare programmes which can help Singaporeans prevent or manage chronic diseases such as stroke, diabetes or heart diseases.

Screen For Life

Screen For Life is a national healthcare and screening scheme which offers Singaporeans and Permanent Residents health screening options based on their age and gender. With the subsidies, eligible individuals will only need to pay up to $5 for each screening test – sometimes even nothing at all.


You should get regular checkups and health screenings even if you do feel fine. This is because early detection, along with the appropriate healthcare, can prevent or delay the onset of certain diseases such as diabetes, as well as the complications related to them. Through your doctor’s advice, you can also make key changes to your lifestyle habits and improve the quality of your life.


Below is a list of screening tests offered under this healthcare scheme in Singapore and who are suitable for them:


Screening test

Suitable for


High blood pressure

18 years old and above

18 to 40 years old: Once every 3 to 5 years


40 years old and above: Once every year


18 years old and above

Once a year


18 years old and above

Once every 3 years

High blood cholesterol

40 years old and above

Once every 3 to 5 years

Cervical cancer

18 years old and above

Once every 5 years

Breast cancer

50 years old and above

Once every 2 years

Colorectal cancer

50 years old and above

Once every 10 years


As you can see, health screenings can start from a young age, so it’s best not to wait for too long.


The fees for this healthcare scheme are split into three tiers:


  • Pioneer Generation (PG) card holders: $0
  • Merdeka Generation (MG) card holders: $2
  • Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) card holders (Blue or Orange): $2
  • CHAS card holders (Green) and eligible Singaporeans or Permanent Residents: $5


Log in via your SingPass to check if you are eligible for this healthcare scheme in Singapore.

How to apply

Screen For Life will recommend the best screening tests based on your age, gender, pre-existing conditions and your last screening date. You can then locate your nearest CHAS General Practitioner (GP) clinic to make an appointment. To enjoy the subsidised rate, remember to bring along your NRIC and/or PG/MG/CHAS card, if applicable.

Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP)

Unlike acute conditions, chronic diseases can develop slowly and worsen over time. This can cause a lot of emotional and financial stress on the sufferer and his or her family members. Through this healthcare scheme, the government in Singapore is providing grants which will help to reduce these burdens.


Launched in 2021, this programme encourages chronic disease sufferers to actively manage their conditions by regular monitoring. This will help to prevent them from worsening. Through the grants, patients can pay for:


  • Medical diagnosis or their complications
  • Relevant investigations, such as X-Ray scans
  • Medication
  • Services or treatments referred by a doctor


Covering 20 common chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and even mental conditions such as bipolar disorder, the CDMP allows patients to claim for outpatient bills and healthcare treatments. The scheme allows eligible Singaporeans and Permanent Residents to use up to $700 of MediSave funds yearly, depending on the severity of their conditions. Such payments can be made from their own or family members’ MediSave accounts.


However, do note that each claim is subject to 15% co-payment in cash. Individuals in Singapore with complex chronic conditions will be allowed to use up to $700, while those who are diagnosed with chronic conditions will have a cap of $500.

How to apply

To be eligible for this programme, the patient must be a Singaporean or Permanent Resident. He or she must be diagnosed or have an assessment to be diagnosed with a chronic disease. The CDMP is accessible across all public hospitals’ Specialist Outpatient CLinics (SOCs), government polyclinics, and more than 1,250 GP and private specialist clinics islandwide. All you need to do is to visit a participating clinic to enjoy these grants.

Caring for the Chronically Ill

If your loved one was recently struck with a negative diagnosis, your first worry is probably the cost given the expensive medical fees in Singapore. Therefore, consider these healthcare schemes as they can be helpful in relieving some of the financial strain.


Caring for someone who is chronically ill can also mean an all-round lifestyle change – including changing your time schedules and refitting the home. You may also need to take time off for daily care. With the rising elderly population in Singapore, this may also mean long-term care for seniors who need caregiving.


At Jaga-Me, our professional nurses and care aides are here for you. From providing clinical procedures to respite care services, we ensure that your needs are well-taken care of. Through our services, caregivers are able to focus their time and energy on the things that matter most. Contact us today to share concerns with us and find out more about how we can help you.

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