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How Community Care is Building Future Leaders

The recent Lien Foundation Study 2018 has highlighted that nurses are the bedrocks of providing quality community healthcare services. One of the key issues raised was the lack of incentives to retain community healthcare workers. Many healthcare professionals working in Intermediate and Long-Term Care sector (ILTC) can attest to the lack of incentivisation and recognition for their work in community health. However, due to the increased attention and awareness of the need to attract and retain talented manpower in the community sector, more opportunities for advancement in the sector has been implemented.

Likewise in Jaga-Me, we have been working with public hospitals and notable partners to bring our Nurses the latest trainings and courses to provide better care for patients in the community. Our Nurses receive CPE points for attending our courses. With certification and recognition, pathways to advance in community health is possible. Read more to find out what opportunities are available to you.

New Courses in Community Health & Rehabilitation Care

NUS Alice Lee Centre of Nursing Studies has launched courses in community health & rehabilitation care for graduate nurses with at least a year experience in community health. Nurses can take this part-time diploma to develop skills required in the community setting. This ensures that nurses are well-prepared to deal and face a different set of challenges in the community as compared to hospitals.

Leadership Roles in the Community Sector

The new Singapore Nurses Leaders Programme (SNLP) initiated by the Ministry of Health and Healthcare Leadership College encourages experienced nurses to take on leadership roles in the community health settings. This programme aims to encourage mid-level nurses to learn the necessary knowledge of the community care model and take on managerial roles in the community sector. This initiative helps to address the demands of an ageing population that requires long-term care help and giving nurses the necessary accreditation and opportunities to advance in the community sector.

Jaga-Me’s Trainings and Opportunities

Jaga-Me has constantly been conducting trainings and opportunities for our Nurses. Our courses and trainings are CPE points certified courses and we do organise regular trainings for our nurses to be well-equipped in handling challenges in a home-care settings. For example, we provide paediatric training, palliative training, dementia training and wound dressing management courses. We partner with public hospitals like KKH to provide paediatric home care trainings and notable pharmaceutical company B-Braun for wound management courses.

If you are nurse, join us this 17-19 Sept for a wound management course. We have partnered up with B-Braun for this workshop!

Interested in venturing new territories? Tired of working shift hours in the hospital and looking for new opportunities to advance in your nursing career? Join us in making a difference in healthcare. Click here to find out more.

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