How to Bring Your Loved Ones with Mobility Issues Outdoors: Step by Step Guide

Caring for a loved one with limited mobility may seem daunting and a short trip out is physically exhausting for both you and your care recipient. The physical toil will put you off the idea of bringing him or her out. However, travelling out and about with your loved one with limited mobility is still possible with proper transference techniques. With proper transference technique, you can and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Travelling outdoors is beneficial for your loved ones with mobility issues as it will give them the encouragement that they can lead a relatively normal lifestyle despite having mobility issues. Safety and comfort should be your top priorities when travelling outdoors. Here are some tips on how to transfer your loved ones from the wheelchair to the car or vice versa.

Wheelchair to Car

Image by DHS

  1. Position the wheelchair beside the car.
  2. Ensure that you have enough room for the transfer. Push the car-seat as far back as possible.
  3. Remove patient’s legs from foot-rests.
  4. For the wheelchair, ensure that you have enabled the brakes and remove/move the foot-rests away.
  5. Put your arms under the patient’s armpits and lock your hands. Straighten your back and bend your knees before lifting the patient. This is to avoid any back injury.
  6. Count to three before lifting the patient.
  7. Take small steps toward the door. Use the side of the car for support if needed.  
  8. Ensure that the patient’s buttocks are placed as far back to the seat as possible before putting his/her legs into the car. This is to prevent the risk of the patient falling.

Car to Wheelchair

  1. Position the wheelchair beside the car.
  2. Lock the brakes of the wheelchair and remove the leg-rests.
  3. Remove the seat-belt on the patient.
  4. Position your left arm on the patient’s back and place your right arm under the knees.
  5. Ensure legs are firmly placed on the ground.
  6. Place your hands under the patient’s armpits. Bend your knees and straighten your back before lifting the patient.
  7. Count to three before lifting the patient out of the car seat.
  8. Take small steps towards the wheelchair.
  9. Lower the patient on the wheelchair.
  10. Put the foot-rests back and place patient’s feet on the foot-rests.

Need a visual demonstration? Watch this video here!

About Jaga-Me 

At Jaga-Me, we believe in the empowerment of our caregivers. You can engage with a professional nurse or occupational therapist to guide you on how to do proper transference techniques for your loved ones. Alternatively, you can engage our home care services and our professional JagaPros will provide you with caregivers’ training on how to move your loved ones around safely and easily while travelling outdoors! 

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