Merdeka Generation Package

Merdeka Generation Package: Benefits explained

About half a million Singaporeans born in the 1950s will be receiving letters confirming their eligibility for the Merdeka Generation package (MGP) end of this month. From late June, eligible seniors will start to receive a Welcome folder and card. The MGP was announced in the National Day Rally 2018 with details emerging in 2019 for Singaporeans born in 1950-1959. This package was put together by the Government to honour and thank those who have contributed greatly to our nation and laid the groundwork for future generations to come. If you or your parents are eligible for the package, then continue reading on how MGP will benefit you or them.

With the help of the MGP, It would greatly ease the financial burden if you are supporting your parent, especially parents requiring care giving services .


“The package is for those born in the 1950s – the years when we strove for Merdeka – freedom, independence and sovereignty” – PM Lee

Source: The Merdeka Generation SG

The Merdeka Package is given to those who are born in the 1950s and have witnessed the growth of Singapore from a third world country to where she is today. They have weathered through many setbacks and challenges with Singapore and it is time they enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Merdeka generation
“I think we owe something to them” – PM Lee, NDR 2018
  • Your birthday falls between 1 January 1950 to 31 December 1959
  • You became a Singapore citizen by 31 December 1996

This package is also available to seniors who are born on or before the 31 December 1949, has become a Singaporean Citizen before 31 December 1996 and did not qualify for or receive the Pioneer Generation Package. Check out if you are eligible at the Merdeka Generation SG page

Benefits & How can I use them: Merdeka Generation Package

Merdeka generation

Source: Merdeka Generation SG

PAssion Silver Card Top Up

There will be a one time off $100 top up on your Silver PAssion Card.

You can use your Silver PAssion Card for:

  • Transport (EZ-Link Card)  
  • Exclusive member’s rate and offer @ PA & CC Courses, Programmes and Facilities
  • Loyalty Points @ Cold Storage, Market Place, Giant & Guardian Stores
  • Extra 50% loyalty points @ Capitaland Malls
  • Discounts @ PAssion Merchants

Annual MediSave Top-Ups

From 2019, there will be an annual $200 top up every July till 2023.

You can use your Medisave Top-Ups for healthcare needs:

  • Acute Care
  • Rehabilitative Care
  • End-Of-Life Care
  • Outpatient Treatment (Chronic conditions, vaccinations health screenings)
  • Radiotherapy

For more information about Medisave, read more here.

Additional Subsidies for Outpatient Care

  • Additional CHAS subsidies at CHAS subsidised GP and Dental Clinics
  • Additional 25% off subsidised medical bills at polyclinics and specialist outpatient clinics (public).

Extra Careshield Life Incentives

  • Additional $1,500 participation incentive if you or your parents in the Merdeka Generation sign up for Careshield Life in 2021.

Find out more about Careshield Life & the benefits here

Extra Medishield Life Premium Subsidies

  • Additional 5% subsidies for Medishield Life’s annual premiums. This will increase to 10% after you or your parents in the Merdeka Generation turn 75 years old.

Medishield Life is essentially a basic health insurance plan that helps to pay for large hospital bills and selected outpatient treatment such as dialysis and chemotherapy. Find out more about the difference between Medisave and Medishield here.

Other Perks

While not part of the MGP, seniors from the Merdeka Generation in their 60s and older will also enjoy free admission to the Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay on the second Tuesday of every month. This goes on for a year-long period from June.

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