elderly diabetes in singapore
elderly diabetes in singapore

"My Father has diabetes, so he needs to avoid all types of carbohydrates in his food." – Nutrition for Diabetic Patient

Diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar.

Type 2 Diabetes is caused by genetics and lifestyle factors. Though we know sugar doesn’t directly cause diabetes, you are more likely to get it if you are overweight. Being overweight increases your risk for developing Type 2, and a diet high in calories from any source contributes to weight gain, not just sugar on its own.

My Father has diabetes, so he needs to avoid all types of carbohydrates ( rice, noodles, bread, fruit) in his food.

Our bodies need carbohydrates to function as it is a source of energy. Indeed, carbohydrate containing foods are broken down into glucose in our bodies, however it is more important to eat an appropriate and consistent amount of carbohydrates at each meal to help achieve a constant blood sugar level​. The goal is to maintain a constant blood sugar level, rather than a low blood sugar level.

By eliminating carbohydrates completely, your father is at a risk of concentration problems, constipation and even hypoglycemia (overly low blood sugar level) which is dangerous. Instead, help him adopt a well balanced diet which includes a variety of food ( wholegrains, starchy vegetables and fruit) on top of having consistent mealtimes.

People with diabetes need a special diet.

The good news is that people with diabetes do not need to go on a special diet to control their sugar levels. Their nutritional needs are the same as everyone else’s, so no special foods are necessary. However they do need to pay attention to some of their food choices by eating healthier, being more physically active, and losing weight if they are overweight.

My Mother does not need Insulin, so her diabetes is not serious enough to worry about.

Diabetes is a serious condition no matter how your mother needs to treat it. Because she can have diabetes and feel just fine (or ignore symptoms like thirst and fatigue), you may think it’s not important or it’s a mild condition. In reality, high blood sugar causes harm to the body, damaging the heart, kidney, eyes, and nerves.

Type 2 diabetes is a progressive illness, meaning that over time your mother may need to change what she does to make sure her blood sugar is in a healthy range. Eating right and exercise will always be important, but medication needs can vary. The point is to make sure her blood sugar is under control, whether she needs to change her diet, exercise, medication, insulin, or all of these combined.

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