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The Silver Lining Subsidies: Cash Payouts

Singapore needs to prepare for a rapidly ageing population. In the next 10 years, the number of seniors (aged 65 & above) will double to almost over 900,000. As such, the Government has unveiled plans to ensure that the Silver generation can age healthily and gracefully.

There have been many useful subsidies by the Singaporean Government. If you are a caregiver or caring for the Silver generation, our guide is here to help you defray the high costs of healthcare and pick the best subsidy or scheme that best suit your needs.

Jaga-Me’s The Silver Lining Subsidies is a three part series that covers a wide range of your expenses and the various grants, schemes and subsidies offered by the government to assist you.

Read The Silver Lining Subsidies: Daily Living & Outpatient Expenses here!

Use the links below to help you navigate through The Silver Lining Subsidies: Cash Payouts!

GST Vouchers

What is it?

GST vouchers are used to help lower-middle income Singaporeans with their daily living expenses.


Receive annual payouts during August.

Eligibility Criteria:

Lower-middle income Singaporeans (Based on monthly per-capita income). The GST Vouchers Scheme covers three aspects:

1. Cash
To receive the GST Voucher – Cash, you must fulfill the following criteria:

2. Medisave
To receive the GST Voucher – Medisave, you must fulfil the following criteria:

3. U-Save
Only HDB households are eligible for the GST Voucher – U-Save. The voucher will be credited to your HDB flat’s utilities account if you meet the following criteria:

i. You own and live in your HDB flat; with at least one Singaporean Citizen owner or occupier; or

ii. If you partially rented out the HDB flat that you own and live in, there must be at least one Singaporean Citizen owner or occupier; or

iii. If the entire flat is rented out to you, there must be at least one Singaporean tenant;


Immediate family members living in the same flat must not own or have any interest in more than on property. Each flat will receive only 1 GST Voucher – U-Save benefit, based on the type of HDB.

*As announced in Budget 2018, eligible households will receive an additional $20 per year from 2019 to 2021, which will be paid out quarterly

For more information about the GST Vouchers scheme, you can click here.

ComCare – Long-Term Assistance (Public Assistance)

What is it?

Singaporeans who are unable to work due to illness, old age or complicated family circumstances can get financial help if they have little to no income or no family support.

Benefits & Eligibility Criteria:

Families with a monthly household income of $1,900 and below or monthly per capita income of $650 are eligible for this scheme.

ComCare – Short and Medium Term Assistance

What is it?

This scheme is useful for Singaporeans who are unable to find employment currently, can seek help from ComCare short to medium term assistance scheme to help them to tide over the trying period.

Benefits & Eligibility Criteria

Families with a monthly household income $1,900 and below or monthly per capita income of $650 are eligible for this scheme.

Find out more about ComCare here.

Interim disability assistance programme for the elderly (IDAPE)

What is it?

IDAPE is for seniors who are not eligible for ElderShield. ElderShield was introduced in 2020, thus these seniors might have already reached the maximum age or have pre-existing disabilities. Seniors who fall through the cracks for ElderShield are eligible for the IDAPE scheme.


  • Up to 72 monthly payouts ($150/$250)
  • Payment can be used for hospital bills, nursing costs or FDWs  

Eligibility Criteria:

Find out more about the IDAPE scheme here.


What is it?

Eldershield life is an insurance scheme to protect Singaporeans aged 40 & above in the event that we are severely disabled.

They can receive:

  • Monthly Payout.
  • Coverage for life even after premium payments are stopped at 65.
  • Premiums can be paid through Medisave.
  • Pay premiums until the age of 65 or when you make a claim.

Eligibility Criteria:

ElderShield was introduced in 2002 as a basic long-term care insurance scheme targeted at severe disability, especially during old age.

“Severe disability” is the inability of an individual to perform three or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) independently, with or without mobility aids (e.g. walking aids, wheelchair). This means that the individual will require the physical assistance of a caregiver for the ADL.

Source: Ministry of Health 

Eldershield will be replaced by CareShield Life in 2020. Check out more about CareShield Life here.

There are many grants, schemes and subsidies made available by the Singaporean government to ensure that the Silver generation retire with grace and dignity without the financial burden on their families. However, the assistance provided is only useful if the people who qualify for them are well-informed. We hope we have helped you in being well-informed so that you can help others to receive the full benefits of these resources.

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