Thinking Of Hiring A Home Caregiver For A Loved One

Thinking of Hiring a Home Caregiver For A Loved One?

What are home health care services? They are a range of healthcare services that can be administered in your home, for a medical illness or injury. Just as effective as in-hospital care, home care services could be the preferred option depending on the kind of illness or injury, or a combination of other factors, including but not limited to resources and stress. Preventive, rehabilitative, and recovery-focused, home caregiving services  can be of huge benefit to families who are caring for ill or injured loved ones. Home care services range from simpler services such as respite caregiving to more complex services nursing procedures like the changing of catheters and the administration of injections, for example.

Benefits of Home  Caregiving Services

With the elderly projected to make up half of Singapore’s population by 2050, home care services are incredibly important for a myriad of reasons. Not only are they cost-effective, they are also an excellent choice for those looking for ways to age gracefully and be cared for with dignity, all in the comfort of their own home and community.

As mentioned earlier, respite caregiving is a form of home health services which exists alongside nursing procedures.  If you need to take a break from the heavy responsibilities of caregiving while leaving your loved ones in good hands, respite caregiving services can help you to do that.

1. Personalised, quality care

Home caregivers can offer patients a greater amount of dedicated time and attention. As the patient’s sole caregiver, they are able to offer more personalised, detailed and specialised caregiving services like modified exercise routines and medication management.

2. Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)

Home caregivers are specially trained to assist patients with the various activities of daily living (such as eating, showering and moving about) in a safe manner. Thus, patients can continue to live out their days in a comfortable and familiar environment with minimal danger to their health. This is especially important for elderly patients who require a little more tender loving care.

3. Offers compassionate companionship

For some, home care services are also a preferred alternative to nursing homes as a dedicated home caregiver tends to provide a better quality of companionship for the patient. Elderly patients are often found spending a lot of their time alone hence home caregivers are often seen as compassionate companions alongside the medical services they provide. Additionally,  families have the option of hiring a home caregiver who speaks the same language or dialect as their elderly loved one which  ensures  better communication between the caregiver and the patient.

4. Can relieve family caregivers from burnout risk

Finally, besides offering top-notch caregiving services, the hiring of home caregivers is also a viable option for family members who might be facing symptoms of fatigue and burnout. Family caregivers often run the risk of tiring out as full-time caregiving is both physically and mentally taxing. Hired home caregivers can step in when family caregivers need time to rest or to attend to other important matters like work. This decreases the chances of caregiver burnout.

Consult our JagaPros for in-home caregiving services

Hiring a home caregiver could be the right choice for you. Consult our team for expert advice and help in determining the right kind of home caregiving service for you.

Medical or non-medical, the financial and emotional weight of caregiving on a full-time basis can be challenging. With our home caregiving services, you can trust in our expertise and partner with our nurses to provide your loved one with a manageable day-to-day life.

For more information on acquiring support for loved ones, read more here.

Find out more about Jaga-Me and our services here.

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