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A handy guide to: Eldercare Grants and Subsidies in Singapore

According to the Ministry of Health, Singapore is facing a rapidly ageing population. The number of elderly in Singapore has increased to 13% in 2015 and is forecasted to reach 24% in 2030. In riding the silver tsunami, there is an increased importance placed on eldercare in Singapore. The government is hence actively pumping more funds and creating more Eldercare grants and subsidies such as Eldershield and Seniors mobility and enabling fund (SMF) to help make healthcare more accessible and affordable for the growing elderly population.

Elder care services doesn’t need to be a cause for financial burden for your family. Our team at Jaga-me has come up with an all you need to know handy guide for Eldercare grants and subsidies in Singapore. If you have a loved one who may be a recipient, do take a look at the guide below! Education is definitely important to make healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone!

At Jaga-Me, we believe in making healthcare accessible and available to everyone. We provide personalised and curated care for your loved ones. If you need a trained medical escort to accompany your loved ones for their medical appointments or a trained nurse to do nursing procedures in the comfort of your home, let Jaga-Me share your caregiving responsibility.

Award winning Home Care trusted by health professionals – Jaga-Me

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