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How to Tips to Living Well with Cancer

Are you a cancer patient or a caregiver taking care of a cancer patient? Read on and find out more on how to live better with cancer. This article will give you tips on how to stimulate your appetite and feel better emotionally. Living with cancer affects all aspects of an individual’s life, we have compiled various ways you can manage the side effects of cancer better. 

Eating Well for Cancer Patients

Many cancer patients suffer from loss of appetite and nausea due to chemotherapy. Experiencing nausea and loss of appetite can be stressful for a cancer patient. Here are some tips you can try to manage nausea and stimulate your appetite after treatment:

    • To stop nausea, you can take anti-nausea medication. Consult with your doctors before taking any form of medication.
    • You can try eating small meals before your chemotherapy. 
    • Avoid food that is too oily and has a strong smell.
  • Instead of 3 meals a day, you can try eating about 5 – 6 smaller meals in a day.
  • Ensure you have sufficient intake of the essential nutrients. Use HealthHub’s healthy plate as a guideline for planning your meals.

Tips for Feeling Better Emotionally!

Being diagnosed with cancer can take an emotional toll on a cancer patient. It is important to learn how to manage and cope better with your feelings. With a positive mindset, you can manage your condition better.  

1. Try art, music or writing therapy

Try drawing out or writing down your emotions. If you record them down, you will feel in control of your feelings and this will help make you feel better emotionally.  

2. Talking to your friends and family

Talk to your loved ones about your problems and your feelings. Tell them your uncertainties and worries. Finding support from your loved one is a great way to help you cope better with your feelings and emotions.

3. Finding a support group!

Finding a support network of cancer patients is a great way to find support from others who are going through or have went through a similar experience as you. Do not be alone on this journey! Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) conducts support group sessions for cancer patients. If you have any enquiries you can call them @ 6499 9132.

About Jaga-Me

Jaga-Me is an award-winning home care service and we provide quality care services to our patients. If you need any help in wound dressing, administration of pain medication or a change of peripheral central catheter, you can engage our professional nursing procedural services. For caregivers, if you need a few hours of respite time or a few days off from your caregiving responsibility, you can engage our respite care service.

This article content is co-created by Singapore Cancer Society and Jaga-Me.

Award winning Home Care trusted by health professionals – Jaga-Me

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